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Greek website
Calendar Thursday, June 24, 2021
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It is well known that the enormous seismic activity in the geographic area of Greece (we are placed sixth in the world and first in Europe in the seismic behavior ranking) is attributed to the particular geological characteristics affected by the movements of the tectonic plates in the region of Eastern Mediterranean.

The existence of this geological activity, made us pioneers  in the field of Research and Development for solutions to this problem. We therefore accumulated national, construction and research experience, that gave us competitive advantages over other countries who were facing similar conditions and were therefore advanced in this field. Our ability to maintain this competitive edge has a multiplying effect arising from the extensive use of advanced computer technology and the development of innovative and reliable software.
Computers' ability to make multiple and complicated calculations in an incredibly short time span (e.g. two billion proliferations per second), provides a fast, effective and economic solution to the problems and challenges faced by today's engineering students and constructors.

The advantages of using up to date and brilliant anti-seismic software are numerous.
The most important of these are:


  • High quality Analysis and Design
  • Higher response rate from Engineers/Architects to the needs of their customers
  • Lower cost of building with higher anti-seismic resistance
  • High levels of Flexibility and Adaptation from Engineers in order
    to meet the needs and  requirements of their clients 


By exploiting the current technology of Virtual Reality as well as Simulation Technology, we can achieve precise, real-time representation of the influence that an earthquake has on a building.
Simultaneously we are in a position to continuously intervene in the structural Design so as to make improvements in the anti-seismic behavior of the building. All these actions can take place prior to initial construction thus preventing irreversible and expensive mistakes.
By adopting innovative technical software, the engineer can effectively and responsibly cope with the particular needs and legislation requirements of countries.

We are therefore today in a position to depend on optimal architectural planning, higher precision and speed of calculations, a capability to directly review and re-plan as well as an ability to prevent and minimize errors. All these factors not only boost the professionalism and the responsibility of today's Engineers but also lead us to characterize the entire era we live in as:


"The era of Information and Communication Technology". 



Apostolos Constantinides
Chairman of pi-SYSTEMS International