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Greek website
Calendar Thursday, June 24, 2021
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pi-SYSTEMS International SA : pi-SYSTEMS International SA is a leading Architecture Engineer Construction (A/E/C) Software Developer Company, focused on Building Design and Public Works/Construction Management.

For more than 25 years, pi-SYSTEMS provides Advanced, Reliable, Intelligent and Integrated Software Solutions based upon an Innovative Holistic Approach in Structural Building Design, supported by advanced CAD techniques.

pi-SYSTEMS' activities also include Graphics and Multimedia applications as well as high rated Support Services, Education and Training to Engineers (Greek Engineers and Construction Firms) in Theoretical and Practical Subjects of Science and Technology.

Its main objective is to explore the potential advantages of microcomputers, to allow automated analysis of a structures' static behavior, based upon contemporary holistic perception and the most advanced techniques in calculation and design.
Based on an Innovative Holistic Approach and Real-Time object simulation technology, pi-SYSTEMS' Architectural and Structural Design software is supported by advanced Virtual Reality and Stereoscopic Techniques (4D Stereoscopic Visualization and Navigation)

Today, pi-SYSTEMS' software packages cover the widest spectrum of engineering, with a complete series of STATIC, ARCHITECTURAL , TECHNICAL WORK and Bio-CLIMATIC Software.
For more than 25 years, pi-SYSTEMS is a prominent company in the Greek A/E/C market due to:

1. High level of Know-how (for more than 25 years pi-SYSTEMS leads the evolution in Reinforcement Applications)
2. Reliable Scientific Support - Documentation
3. Strong focus on the needs of Modern engineers

pi-SYSTEMS is certified for its applications from the TUV Hellas and the TUV GmbH for the Model of Quality ISO 9001: 2000