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Calendar Thursday, June 24, 2021
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"PANOPLIA preprocessor" is part of a sophisticated software system intended for the design and analysis of antiseismic reinforced concrete buildings, called PANOPLIA.


Using "PANOPLIA preprocessor" the user has all the appropriate tools to model the building’s framework in a rapid and intuitive environment, simultaneous 2D and 3D view, and the means to visualize the resulting building’s frame.

Since the description of a complicated building is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating procedure, it is quite clear that PANOPLIA preprocessor offers a competitive advantage, due to its intelligent and holistic approach to the description process that treats structural elements as dynamic entities that interact and connect to each other in order to create the uniform frame of the building.

The resulting model of the building may be easily exported to a number of appropriate applications for further static and dynamic analysis. This version is capable to export to the following applications:

  1. pi-Systems Stereostatika *
  2. pi-Systems PANOPLIA *
  3. CSI Etabs *
  4. CSI SAP2000 *
  5. Berkeley Opensees *

You can download an evaluation copy of the software or you may purchase a Fully-Licensed Version of PANOPLIA preprocessor using your credit card or paypal account for the promotional discounted price of 60€.
Just click on the "buy now" button below and receive an email with your lisenced copy download and registration details in minutes.

Registered users of the licensed version are entitled to one year of free upgrades.


*All corporate names and trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

Restrictions on the present version.
These restrictions will be lifted in the upcoming releases of the software

SAP2000 :

  1. In case of a foundation made out of foundation beams, the user should modify the Foundation type to 0 (Advanced parameters> Foundation type  = 0 (inner nodes)).

  2. In case of a foundation made out of foundation beams and a building that uses inactive shear walls in the basement, the user should manually define the support conditions in SAP. 


  1. The software does not support shear walls and composite elements.

  2. The software does not support foundation export.
  3. The software supports slabs (diaphragms), beams and orthogonal columns.