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Calendar Thursday, June 24, 2021
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The B.I.M (Building Information Modelling) software application for structural design and detailing of earthquake resistant concrete buildings. holoBIM is the successor of the pi-SYSTEMS structural software, pi-SUITE.


in learning and using the software


in results, detailing drawings and quantity surveying


3D stereoscopic virtual reality environment

holobim Basic Video Demo

Watch a 11' Video Presentation

holobim Real time Video Demo

Watch a 43' Video Presentation


HoloBIM’s module for the RC drawing, detailing and material management.

Based on BIM data, creates automatically:

Drawings and details in 2D and 3D

All materials’ quantity take-off

Exports data for any software

Human intelligent drawings’ editing


HoloBIM’s module for structural modeling, static/dynamic analysis design and rebar drawings.

Based on BIM data, creates automatically:

Linear and surface finite element models

All static and dynamic loading cases

Solves all cases and creates the envelopes

Designs elements in bending- shear-torsion, Capacity design