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Calendar Thursday, June 24, 2021
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pi-SYSTEMS is looking for business cooperation with suitable companies in order to develop sales and provide after sales support for its unique and innovative products in your market.

All pi-SYSTEMS products are unique and completely differentiated from the well known competitive products in the international market.

Especially PANOPLIA is a completely unique and innovative product, for the input and editing of RC building detailing and the material electronic ordering (concrete, formwork [framework], reinforcement, stairs, etc).

PANOPLIA is a standalone software application which is compatible to other International FEA programs such as ETABS, SAP, StereoSTATIKA or any other program creates pi.xml file (pi-SYSTEMS xml format).

Also PANOPLIA requires very limited localization because it is a poly-parametric application.

Download PANOPLIA trial version and explore it.

For candidates profile click here