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Calendar Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Main Features


Single, user friendly, visual (2D&3D) input of structural framework, providing all necessary data for structural computations, rebar details, blue prints and table/text/drawing printouts.
Columns and shear walls of any composite cross section.
Automatic generation of space frame model and load bearing model.
Complete Structural Analysis & Design of RC concrete structures.
Real time 3D modal simulation and animation of seismic behavior.
Automatic calculation and representation of envelopes of the resulted 2D and 3D graphs (moments, etc.).
Support for complex, composite and foundation in different levels.
Accurate reinforcement design of slabs, beams, columns and foundation.
Visual problem inspection and detection All structural elements with strength problems are highlighted and easily detected by the user.
Automatic, intelligent and expert default reinforcement settings and complete structural framework formation.
Automatic 2D and 3D generation of cross sections with elevations and dimensions.
Automatic, intelligent selection of reinforcement and complete structural framework formation drawings for the Steel fixer and carpenter
Real Time 3D precise visualization of steel bars inside the concrete framework.
Analytical reinforcement estimation tables.
Analytical bill of materials and cost estimation.
Complete analytical printouts of all input and output data, for easy reference and project documentation.
Blue print setup with intelligent manipulation of structural framework drawings and cross sections.
All drawings are automatically updated in case of any change made in the structural framework.
Easy review and editing with automatic data re-computation and 2D & 3D drawing regeneration.
Import/Export of .dwg and .dxf file formats.
Two-way communication with ETABS (Structural framework creation in StereoSTATIKA, finite element analysis in ETABS, Reinforcement design/ printout and blue print creation in StereoSTATIKA).
SAP input/output compatibility.
Proprietary pi-4D OpEn Technology (pi-SYSTEMS' 4D Operating Environment): innovative 3D stereoscopic environment developed in C++ and OpenGL for Windows XP and Vista. 
Support for multicore processors.
The software has earned the 'Certified for Windows Vista' certification by Microsoft.
Scientific and Academic documentation and validation of reliability and precision.
20 times faster and more effective than any other combination of engineering software for structural Analysis, Design and Detailing.